What’s Your Fragrance Brand?

If you had a ‘Fragrance’ Brand, what would it smell like and why? I like to smell good! If there is one thing about the olfactory senses, it doesn’t like unpleasant smells. Especially on people.

Most businesses have a brand, know what it is and what it stands for. Some even have a ‘Tag-line’ to go with it. Mine would be ‘Klean’ or ‘Kleen’ and my Tagline would be something like ‘Keep it Klean’ If you haven’t noticed from the fragrant oils I sell, I like some of the not so familiar fragrances. There’s a reason why people wear them!

Some like fruity, others like the clean scent. Some enjoy the Oriental fragrances, and others need to wear the woody scents. So again, what is your brand? ¬†You smell the way you do, partly because of the pheromones your body emits. But in addition, you like certain fragrances because that’s what makes you ‘You.’

There are days that I’d wear all of my favorite (colognes) fragrant oils that I offer! But obviously, that can’t happen or I’d smell like the above mentioned people that you hate to smell. Keep it simple but chose one that defines you.

So think of yourself as a business and get ‘Branded.’ If you haven’t found that one special fragrance you really like, take a chance anyway. First, narrow your choices and break it down into one of those categories above. Check some of the fragrances I offer here on Etsy.

Fragrances and Emotions

Can you associate feeling or express yourself through fragrances?

I often wonder what certain fragrances mean to people. I know that’s a broad statement but what I mean is do people associate fragrances with their emotions. Ever walk by someone and get a whiff of someones cologne, perfume? In my case, a fragrant oil of-course.

Most everyone can associate a smell with fragrances; for instance, when I think of lemons, I immediately think of cleanliness. I can almost picture a freshly clean kitchen with the sharp smell of lemons, maybe even a hint of Pine Sol. I would like to believe that I can do this with the fragrances that I sell too!

For example, my goal for the day, might be to take a nice leisurely ride on my motorcycle. Would that sensation or feeling evoke a certain smell that I can associate with? Perhaps a bold, masculine scent comes to mind. Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks about this.

When I go for a ride, I can smell all kinds of things but I immediately want to associate a woodsy masculine scent as I approach the curve ahead through the mountains outside of Salt Lake City. Yes, that’s one of the fragrances that come to mind when I’m out for a ride!

At this point, I think I can safely say that certain fragrances can indeed strike various feelings or emotions. Give it a try when you wake up in the morning when you’re ready to put on your cologne or perfume for the day and tell me what you think. I’d be curious to hear if you encounterd any emotions when you put your fragrances on.

Ron Mobley
World of Essence
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